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  • I want to thank Barbara Hay for my amazing birthing experience! Barbara helped me to with Hypnotherapy sessions over the phone/skype  (Downloads were sent to me via email) and helped me learn breathing, meditative and 'sensation' management skills. I had a predominantly natural birth with only a little Gas & Air, I felt little to no pain, only intense power & energy. I will be recommending Barbara and the Natural Therapy Centre to everyone I know who is pregnant.

    BL Launceston Cornwall
  • Enjoyed it all massively, thank you to Vicki; she did a great job

  • Thank you Barbara, much appreciated. I will be recommending your professional service to friends in Portsmouth.

  • Had a lovely reflexology appointment on Thursday at 39 weeks pregnant, turns out I was in early stages of labour. Having mild cramps before I got to Tania and during treatment. Left at 2:30pm and had my baby boy in my arms by 6:40pm!! Labour had clearly started for me, but a wonderful relaxing treatment that put me in a very positive and relaxed mind set, with what went on to be a quick labour of 2hr 12mins!! Def think the relaxed state helped! Thank you!

  • I've been seeing Tania since I was 25 weeks pregnant and I'm now ready to drop! Her treatments are amazing and have made me feel so relaxed! I've been loving “me time”. The new Zen Heaven package is an absolute must!!!!!

  • I started coming to Tania because of back pain and continued with treatment for relaxation throughout my pregnancy. I always feel relaxed after my treatment. Tania is very professional and knowledgeable about pregnancy and the treatments she offers, she satisfies any doubts I may have at the time.

  • I saw Tania for reflexology to bring on labour when I was 1 week overdue with baby no 2. Tania just put me at ease and I had a very relaxing treatment (nice atmosphere and a lovely “foot massage”). Plus it all worked! My baby was born 18 hours later and labour was very quick! I also saw Tania twice for postnatal reflexology to help with getting hormones and various things back on track. Again the treatments were very relaxing and I felt in very good hands. Highly recommended!!!

  • I cant believe in just a couple of sessions Barbara has lifted me from despair to feeling positive and in control

  • When trying for my 2nd I thought I would have to go down the same route of fertility medicine (clomid) for my pcos, before going down this route I decided to get back in contact with Vicky and after ONE session fell pregnant again!! I truly believe this helped me get pregnant so quickly I am now 33 weeks and have had my treatments by Vicky once every 2 weeks and can't live without it!

  • I had fertility reflexology with Vicky after trying to conceive for almost 18 months on fertility treatments for pcos for , after 3 treatments I fell pregnant to a gorgeous baby boy!